A projecting window, as the name suggests, usually has a combination of fixed panels and opening sheets. The benefit of adjusting the angle of these windows, as they can be hung from the top or bottom, usually horizontally, makes them a good choice when it comes to climate control, such as preventing water spouts or strong wind from entering. Casa, Lar. They serve equally well on high floors. It is a window system that works along a horizontal axis, at the top, allowing total or partial opening to the outside.

Loja das Janelas offers a variety of glasses to choose from for your projecting window according to your needs and the environment in which it is located, for example, low-emission glasses prevent energy loss (loss of heat and cold from the interior to exterior) , solar control glass , acoustic glass, etc. always with the excellent quality of Saint Gobain and Guardian. You can find everything you need at our window shop in Lisbon . [/ vc_column_text] [/ vc_column]

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